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Our 'Sticky' visitors!, by Miss Collins

Date: 14th Mar 2023 @ 2:16pm

F2 have had a wonderful morning today, where we were joined in class by some 'sticky' friends! We learnt about insects and their body parts, and then the habitat and lives of stick insects. We used a microscope to view the insects up close on our interactive white board. We saw them moving, munching on leaves, and mostly sitting still in 'stick mode'.


The children then had the opportunitry to work in pairs using our class I pads. We were taking photographs of the stick insects (this was tricky as they are so well camouflaged!), and using our focus button to improve our photos each time. 


Some children even were brave enough to let the insect crawl up their arm! What a sticky situation!

Thank you to High Impact for a wonderful interactive session. 

Football Club, by Mrs Purkis

Date: 14th Mar 2023 @ 8:47am


After a throughly enjoyable 50 minutes of football, our year 4/5 team progressed to the next round of the Corgi Cup

after an intense win on penalties. We are immensely proud of all the children who took part.





Big Bedtime Read, by Mrs Wallis

Date: 8th Mar 2023 @ 8:05pm

A fantastic time was had be everyone who joined us at the Big Bedtime Read this evening.

Visit to the Library, by Mrs Meehan

Date: 16th Feb 2023 @ 12:12pm

The children in F2 were very excited to walk to our local library.  The librarian read a story and then the children each selected a book to bring back to school to share with their friends.

We had a great time!

Let it snow!, by Mrs Meehan

Date: 19th Jan 2023 @ 7:59am

We had snow!

The children in Foundation Two were excited and keen to experience the joy of ice and snow.  

Christmas is coming!, by Mrs Meehan

Date: 20th Dec 2022 @ 8:16am

Police visit - EYFS, by Mrs Meehan

Date: 18th Nov 2022 @ 2:45pm


We talked about how the police help in our local community and we were able to ask lots of questions.  We looked at  a walkie talkie, handcuffs, torch and we even had an opportunity to sit inside a police vehicle.

It was an exciting morning and it inspired us to: use construction blocks to build, to create objects in the creative area and to dress up and play imaginatively.

Help is at Hand, by Mrs Meehan

Date: 5th Nov 2022 @ 1:42pm

As part of our Help is at Hand topic our local fire fighters came to talk to us about how they help the community. It was great fun to sit in the fire engine, look at the equipment and to even hold the hose!

Observational Drawing, by Mrs Meehan

Date: 5th Nov 2022 @ 1:23pm

In Foundation Two, we enjoyed reading and sharing The Rainbow Fish. We talked about the features of a fish and the children enjoyed drawing the scales, fin and tail.

Settling into Foundation Two, by Mrs Meehan

Date: 5th Nov 2022 @ 1:34pm

The children in Foundation Two have enjoyed exploring their new classroom and activities.

Diamond Cricket, by Mrs Purkis

Date: 11th Jul 2022 @ 11:47am


The girls played extremely well, growing in confidence as the games went on.

They showed great determination and teamwork winning 2 games and finishing 2nd in their group.

The cricketers, who were complimented and praised for their sportsmanship by staff from other schools,
had a wonderful afternoon. They not only learnt to play diamond cricket but also won 2 of their 3 matches.

#ParkElsewhere, by Mrs Purkis

Date: 10th Jun 2022 @ 8:43am


Schools could be safer, healthier, and happier for all if we chose to

walk, cycle or scoot to school, even for a couple of days a week.

Kinball Tournament, by Mrs Purkis

Date: 14th Jun 2022 @ 11:23am


On Thursday 9th June, Lingham were honoured to be 1 out of 5 schools able to take part in the first ever

Wirral tournament of a brand new sport called Kinball.

Coached by one of our Year 6 pupils, our team soon picked up the rules and tactics required to score points and

thoroughly enjoyed their experience.

Year 5 & 6 Rugby, by Mrs Purkis

Date: 9th Jun 2022 @ 9:11am


On Wednesday, 18th May some of our Year 5 and 6's went to Birkenhead Park to compete in a Tag Rugby Tournament.

The matches were highly competitive and our team bond was strong. The skills developed in School Rugby sessions certainly began to show and the children left the event proud of their achievement 



Wirral Schools Dance Festival Returns, by Mrs Purkis

Date: 18th May 2022 @ 3:13pm


Keep an eye out for our school show details

and ticket availablity!


2022.05.18 - Dance Festival Poster.jpg

Tag Rugby, by Mrs Purkis

Date: 18th May 2022 @ 9:44am

On Tuesday 17th May, 8 children from Year 3 and 4 represented our school at Birkenhead Park Tag Rugby Event.

The team won their first match but made most progress as the event went on; becoming a more organised and competent team.

Although we did not win the tournament, we did win the Spirit of the Games award, being marked on Teamwork and Respect by the opposition. We are always proud of our teams but even more so when they show strong sporting values.

Well done to team!




Food Tasting for our F1's, by Mrs Purkis

Date: 29th Apr 2022 @ 8:58am


Our Foundation 1's will be trying some new and interesting foods and fruits today ...!


F1 Food Tasting Day(1).jpg



F2 Tadpoles, by Mrs Purkis

Date: 22nd Mar 2022 @ 12:22pm

F2 have been busy watching our frogspawn hatch into tadpoles! We are carefully watching everyday to see the changes that happen in the frog life cycle. We tried to name them all, but there were too many! 

World Down Syndrome Day Awareness, by Mrs Purkis

Date: 22nd Mar 2022 @ 9:40am

Year 1 planted sunflowers and designed their own odd socks in recognition of World Down Syndrome Day yesterday, part of our Neurodiverse celebration week.

Ukraine Appeal, by Mrs Purkis

Date: 18th Mar 2022 @ 2:17pm

We raised an amazing £361.71 on Wednesday towards the Ukraine appeal !

Year 4 Parent Info Meeting for Residential Trip, by Mrs Purkis

Date: 14th Mar 2022 @ 7:40am

Year 4 Parent Meeting for Colomendy Residential Trip at 3.45pm 

Cross Country @ Birkenhead Park, by Mrs Purkis

Date: 14th Mar 2022 @ 7:38am

Cross country for Year 4 – 6  @ Birkenhead Park 

Year 6 Football Match @ Liscard, by Mrs Purkis

Date: 14th Mar 2022 @ 7:31am

Year 6 Football Match @ Liscard Primary 4.00pm 


Running Club, by Mrs Purkis

Date: 14th Mar 2022 @ 7:29am

Running Club week 3 of 6  from 3.30 - 4.15 

The Hive Visit - Athletics Competition, by Mrs Purkis

Date: 14th Mar 2022 @ 7:25am

Year 5/6 Athletics Group Competition visit The Hive at 12.45pm – 3.00pm 

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